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Seen: Master chefs focus on Colorado fare at Denver reunion

When 25 of the country’s 68 certified master chefs came to Denver last weekend for a two-part reunion hosted by the American Culinary Federation Colorado Chefs Association, food that tasted as good as it looked was in plentiful supply.

Mind’s Eye: Facing back-to-school fears head-on

The night before my daughter started her freshman year at a new high school where she knew no one, I stared at the ceiling and made a few wishes. I hoped she’d like her teachers and make a new friend. Above all, I hoped she’d feel a little bit brave.

Seen: Chris Isaak charms at Sounds of Summer

Let’s say you’re a Chris Isaak fan. You buy his records, attend his concerts and catch him guest-starring on a TV show or in a movie like “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me.” But if you’re really lucky, you score a ticket to the second annual Sounds of Summer.

Relationships: Does he want me or just my body?

I’m in a nine-year relationship with a man who has been emotionally unavailable. Our typical pattern consists of him coming over to my house, we have sex, and then he leaves right after.

Inside Story: Keep those who have passed present, but beautifully

I confess, when I first heard about a new book listing ways to turn stuff from your deceased loved one into tangible mementos, I judged.
Not favorably.

Mind’s Eye: Lessons from an Olympic bicycle racer

If we’re to succeed as a country, perhaps it’s time to slow down a little, and let those others catch up. Maybe we can all win the race.

Punch List: What to do in your Denver area garden this week, Aug. 5-11

We’re well in to the dog days of summer with steady heat, sun and stray storms. Bring on the tomato sandwiches and green-bean salad, and it won’t be long before we’re enjoying peach cobbler.

Davidson: Midsummer Night’s Dream helps transgender support programs

The GLBT Community Center of Colorado (The Center) hosted an awards reception that honored transgender photographer Stevie Crecelius, her wife, Debbie, and the executive director of Out Boulder, Mardi Moore.

Jameson: Sun-loving succulents are a hot addition to your home

I had just set my travel bags down in my daughter’s new place in Houston, a second-floor duplex she’s renting while she goes to grad school, when I lit on the containers of succulents she had around the place.

Jameson: In the dark about light? Six secrets to great lighting in your home

You can’t touch it, or smell it, or taste it, or hear it, and you can see right through it. Yet this one design component is the most important element in any room. It’s the magic and the mystery, the secret in the sauce. It can make you feel awake or relaxed, industrious or romantic, […]

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