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Category Archives: museums

At the Denver Art Museum, dancing on thin air

Like everything at DAM, it’s a high quality effort, with four bang-up shows spread across several excellent collections and each, influenced by movement, is thorough, scholarly and, in its own way, entertaining.

California pot exhibit aims for debate on provocative plant

“Altered State: Marijuana in California,” a one-of-its-kind museum exhibition focusing on the topic, is open through the summer at the Oakland Museum of California.

Can Steve Turner make Colorado history interesting again?

It would be easy to see Steve Turner’s move into the top job at History Colorado as the end of a long, and sometimes rocky, transition for the state agency.

Artists dream big without limits of walls and ceilings

Black Cube nomadic museum brings Jon Geiger’s giant, neon, billboard of a tumblewood to Colorado.

Daniel Sprick film at Englewood’s Museum of Outdoor Arts

Filmmakers Joshua Hassel and David Schler have built up an important (and consistently entertaining) body of work creating documentaries on contemporary cultural life for airing on Colorado Public Television.

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