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Category Archives: death penalty

Texas lawyer who lost all death penalty cases says he’s done

Texas lawyer Jerry Guerinot said he no longer represents people accused of capital murder after four decades of posting a perfect record: none of his nearly three dozen capital murder clients was found innocent.

Photo of two Colorado Supreme Court justices adds new controversy to death row inmate’s appeal

A photo of state Supreme Court Chief Justice Nancy Rice and Justice Nathan Coats sitting alongside state Rep. Rhonda Fields has brought new controversy to an appeal currently pending before the state’s highest court that was filed by a man convicted of killing Fields’ son.

Colorado law to speed up death penalty is failing, advocates on both sides say

Colorado’s “unitary” system for death penalty appeals in state court — passed in 1997 — was supposed to speed up capital punishment in the state, but the first two appeals cases to test it have each dragged on for more than seven years.

Georgia set to execute sixth inmate this year

An execution scheduled for Thursday would be the sixth in Georgia this year — the most executions carried out by the state in a calendar year since the death penalty was reinstated four decades ago.

Arkansas court gives OK to execute inmates, upholds drug secrecy

Arkansas can execute eight death row inmates using its three-drug protocol, a split Arkansas Supreme Court ruled Thursday in upholding a state law that keeps information about lethal injection drugs confidential.

Justices taking on new Texas death-row cases

The Supreme Court said Monday it will review two death-row cases from Texas, the nation’s top death-penalty state, as the court continues to tinker around the edges of capital punishment.

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