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The U.S. is apparently using anti-drone rifles against the Islamic State

A tweet posted last week by Peter Singer, a co-author of the book Ghost Fleet and a strategist at the New America Foundation, shows his book couched up against what appears to be a Battelle DroneDefender anti-drone rifle in a tent at Fire Base Bell outside Makhmour, Iraq. The advent and proliferation of small, cheap […]

Despite Islamic fatwa, Pokémon Go is the rage of the Arab world

Like elsewhere, Pokémon Go is the rage of the Arab world. But there’s one huge difference: The game has long been deemed un-Islamic by many influential clerics, from Egypt to Qatar.

In internal document, U.S. diplomats demand Syria action

Dozens of State Department employees have endorsed an internal document that advocates U.S. military action to pressure Syria’s government into accepting a cease-fire and engaging in peace talks, officials said Thursday. The position is at odds with U.S. policy.

Western-backed forces encircle key town in northern Syria

Kurdish-led fighters completed their encirclement Friday of a key town held by the Islamic State group in northern Syria, part of a Western-backed offensive that could see a major strategic victory over the militants.

Spats among Iraq’s security forces delay advance on Fallujah

After securing the southern edge of militant-held Fallujah, seven battalions of Iraqi special forces units have been unable to advance for two days — a delay that commanders say isn’t due to counterattacks or difficult terrain, but rather to disagreements about battlefield strategy among the disparate Iraqi forces fighting the Islamic State group.

Advances on IS strongholds underlines U.S., Russia convergence

A two-pronged advance to capture key urban strongholds of the Islamic State group and its self-styled capital of Raqqa has underlined a quiet convergence of strategy between the U.S. and Russia to defeat the extremists, with Syria’s Kurds emerging as the common link.

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