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Jack Splitt, the teenager who changed Colorado medical pot law, dies

Jack Splitt, whose fight with cerebral palsy opened Colorado school doors to medical marijuana treatments, died Wednesday. He was 15.

Colorado districts wrestle with new law allowing students to use medical marijuana at school

Colorado school districts this year are wrestling with a new law that allows students with a valid prescription to get medical marijuana treatments on school property with or without help from a school nurse.

Suspensions re-instated for Colorado doctors who recommended high medical marijuana plant counts

Four Colorado medical marijuana doctors — who were suspended for recommending large plant counts to too many patients and then had their suspensions temporarily lifted by a judge — are back to being suspended, after the judge reversed course and dismissed their lawsuit.

DEA’s new policy opens doors to medical marijuana research but barriers remain

The Drug Enforcement Administration new policy to make it easier for researchers to grow or obtain marijuana could start a new era in pharmaceutical development in the United States, but lingering restrictions around cannabis mean that many researchers may shy away.

Marijuana industry ditches burnout image for “suit and tie” approach to DNC

Even as pro-marijuana activists marched this week in Philadelphia with a fake 51-foot joint, teams of industry leaders and lobbyists were busy doing the kind of work one would expect from the beer or pharmaceutical industry: holding receptions, talking to politicians and discussing regulations.

First home delivery of medical marijuana made in Florida

The first organization authorized to dispense medical marijuana in Florida has made its first home delivery.

Longmont resident leading national retail push for CW Hemp

The nondescript building in east Boulder is like many other in the city; is, in fact, identical to several surrounding structures. Passing motorists and pedestrians wouldn’t know that there’s a multi-million dollar manufacturing operation inside. And that’s the way the folks at CW Hemp want it.

Suspended Colorado medical marijuana doctors sue state board

Four Colorado doctors whose licenses were suspended based on allegations that they over-recommended plant counts for medical marijuana patients have filed suit.

Four Colorado doctors suspended over medical marijuana recommendations

The Colorado Medical Board has suspended the licenses of four Colorado doctors, alleging that the doctors wrote medical marijuana recommendations allowing high plant counts to more than 1,500 patients.

Study: Why pharma companies are fighting medical pot

There’s a body of research showing that painkiller abuse and overdose are lower in states with medical marijuana laws. But that’s always been just an assumption.

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