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Blind man Uber-ing: One man’s quest to get visually impaired a tech job

Mike Hess has developed some sort of super power to speed read e-mails using his fingers and ears. “Many blind and vision-impaired people can listen to e-mails at 300 words per minute,” said Hess, who’s been blind since birth. “It literally sounds like The Chipmunks. Or a teenage girl.” His inner senses and wry sense of humor […]

Women’s hold on Colorado’s top corporate jobs flat at 7 percent

Women made only minuscule progress toward closing the gender gap in top corporate jobs at Colorado companies in 2015.

9 big Colorado firms make Fortune 500 list

Arrow Electronics jumped 12 spots to land at No. 119 on this year’s Fortune 500 list, putting the firm way ahead of nine other Colorado firms that made the annual list.

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