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Category Archives: Lockheed Martin

Future astronauts can take a virtual reality bus tour of Mars

The astronauts who will one day be the first to walk on Mars are likely middle school students today, so Lockheed Martin — the company building the spacecraft to get them there — is also working to build excitement among them.

Lockheed gives CU Boulder $3 million to fund space communications research

Aerospace giant Lockheed Martin is giving $3 million to the University of Colorado to fund a research center on radio frequency (RF) technologies and their use in space communications systems.

Small-but-mighty SkyFire nanosatellite cleared to ride with Orion into space

SkyFire, which will be built at Lockheed Martin Space Systems in Jefferson County, is 14 inches long, principal investigator James Russell said. The infrared camera accounts for one-third of the small satellite’s volume, which is roughly the size of two loaves of bread.

Lockheed Martin celebrates as Juno spacecraft successfully enters Jupiter’s orbit

More than 100 people packed into Lockheed Martin in Littleton to watch NASA’s broadcast as Juno, a spacecraft built on the facility, successfully maneuvered into Jupiter’s orbit after a five-year journey.

Hot air balloon makes hard landing outside Lockheed Martin building in Littleton

Two people were taken to a hospital with minor injuries on Wednesday morning after the hot air balloon they were riding in made a hard landing in a parking lot at Lockheed Martin’s facility in Waterton Canyon.

Senate deal lets ULA use Russian rocket engines for five more years

The Senate has come to an agreement that would allow Centennial–based United Launch Alliance to use as many as 18 Russian rocket engines over the next several years.

Aging aerospace workforce seeks young talent in Aurora

On the far end of the Cherry Creek Schools Institute of Science and Technology sits a room that would appear more at home inside an airplane hangar.

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