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Category Archives: Colorado

Gold rally saves Colorado stock index from a Brexit beating

Brexit fears caused investors to pile into gold-related investments, allowing a Colorado stock index to outperform the larger market in the second quarter.

Colorado economy facing headwinds

The Colorado economy will continue to slow this year and next before ramping up again in 2018, according to the Colorado Legislative Council’s latest forecast. Weakening exports, soft commodity prices, high housing costs and a mismatch between job openings and worker skills will all weigh on growth.

Hickenlooper appoints Bob Randall as Colorado natural resources chief

Gov. John Hickenlooper on Monday announced the appointment of Bob Randall as executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, drawing praise from conservationists.

After languishing at the political kids’ table, outdoor recreation emerges as key driver of U.S. economy

As recreation grows into a national economic pillar, Colorado is emerging as a national leaders in developing a recreational-based economy.

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