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How the Denver Nuggets are expected to approach free agency

Nuggets free agency has grown into a tenuous, cautious thing. There is the hope for something big, something that says the pendulum is swinging in a direction that shows the Nuggets will be a big player in July.

DJ LeMahieu may be morphing into a slugger for the Rockies

DJ LeMahieu hits inside out, as they say. It’s batter speak, a baseball knickknack for insiders. And it’s code for contact. LeMahieu, as the late, great Tony Gwynn was, is a contact hitter.

Relationship-building Nuggets hope prospect connections last well beyond NBA draft

In two pre-draft workouts, the Nuggets have run 12 players through workouts at the Pepsi Center. But they’ve also showed them the city because players that like Denver and organization now might give them a longer look down the line.

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