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Frei: Avalanche’s coaching search had many Columbus Blue Jackets ties

The Thursday hiring of Cleveland Monsters head coach Jared Bednar as Roy’s successor, and even the pool of candidates during the search process, underscored the inescapable conclusion that assistant general manager Chris MacFarland has major influence — and the ear of GM Joe Sakic.

Frei: Patrick Roy shows working for a friend can be risky

This was not an epithets-over-the-phone blowup. This was not a raising-the-Cup-together-no-longer-matters blowup. This was not a you-don’t-exist-to-me-anymore blowup. But it was confirmation that working for a friend — and that’s what this was, Roy working under Sakic — is risky

Frei: Avalanche apparently is staying the course. OK … but can that work?

Here’s how I interpreted what Avalanche general manager Joe Sakic told the Post’s Mike Chambers last week. Sakic is saying: Trust us.

Frei: NBA Finals vs. NHL Finals? And the verdict is …

The NBA Finals, especially if the major marquee names get there, often are “better” than the NHL Final. But the NHL playoffs almost always are “better” than the NBA playoffs.

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