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Ozone smog from oil and gas industry may be hurting children with asthma, study says

Environmental health groups analyzing government air quality data have concluded ozone smog from domestic oil and gas production is causing hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks in children.

Top producers invest in west Texas but insist Colorado’s D-J Basin still has room to run

Producers say they continue to value the D-J Basin for its consistency and predictability.

Colorado vulnerable in federal extraction ban, U.S. Chamber says

Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico are the states most at risk economically if a ban on extracting coal, natural gas and oil from federal lands ever takes hold, according to an analysis from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Energy summit: Oil and gas measures risk unleashing litigation

Colorado taxpayers could face billions of dollars in compensation claims if two ballot measures to limit oil and gas drilling in the state make it into the constitution.

Denver-based PDC Energy joins in on Texas oil rush

Denver-based PDC Energy is joining the rush into Texas’ Delaware Basin, one of the most profitable drilling areas in the country given today’s low oil and gas prices.

Official rejects overdue Peabody tax payment that shorted Routt County more than $91,000

Routt County Treasurer Brita Horn has rejected checks for overdue property taxes from bankrupt coal company Peabody Energy that fell short of the amount due — and then took money out of her own pocket for a public relations effort assuring county taxpayers that all of them will be treated equally.

Bill Barrett Corp. to begin drilling in Denver-Julesburg Basin again

Denver-based Bill Barrett Corp. will revive its horizontal drilling program in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, with plans to bring a dozen new wells into production by the first quarter of next year.

In North Dakota, people vs. oil pipeline protest strengthens

The protest by the Standing Rock Sioux against the Dakota Access pipeline transformed this week from a quiet action to something more active, with at least 18 people arrested in the construction zone Thursday and Friday.

Fossil fuel appetites, nature needs clash in nation’s most-visited public forest

Federal land managers overhauling the framework for potential new oil and gas development in western Colorado have hashed out a compromise canceling access on the Thompson Divide while allowing drilling on 46 square miles of surrounding forest.

Loveland hotels unaffected by energy-sector slowdown in Northern Colorado

The slowdown in oil and gas drilling in Weld County has sent out ripple effects in the region, but the owners of two new Loveland-area hotels say Northern Colorado has so much going for it that the dip isn’t affecting their plans.

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