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Darryl Glenn’s failure to launch in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race worries fellow Republicans

Darryl Glenn’s struggling U.S. Senate campaign in Colorado is increasingly worrying Republicans and party strategists about squandering a chance to defeat a once-vulnerable Michael Bennet.

Iran nuclear deal not as ‘explosive’ as expected in Colorado Senate race, despite Michael Bennet’s support

Once seen as radioactive to his re-election chances, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s decision last year to support a nuclear deal with Iran appears less potent now.

Q&A: Michael Bennet on Iran nuclear deal, $400 million payment tied to hostages

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet took significant political heat for his support of the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, and it remains an issue as he campaigns for re-election. Bennet spoke to The Denver Post earlier this week about the issue.

Michael Bennet holds big lead in Colorado Senate race, a new poll shows

Democrat Michael Bennet holds a dominant position in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race, boasting a double-digit lead against Republican challenger Darryl Glenn in a new poll.

Are Republicans writing off Darryl Glenn in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race?

Months before the election, Republican Darryl Glenn is fighting for his political life, struggling to prove he is a viable candidate against Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet.

What is Darryl Glenn’s abortion position? It’s not entirely clear.

U.S. Senate candidate Darryl Glenn’s stance on abortion became a political ping-pong ball this week, all while he has avoided answering a key question on the contentious topic.

Two Colorado Democrats lead push to reform superdelegate process

Former Denver Mayor Wellington Webb, a Hillary supporter, and Skip Madsen, who backs Sanders, helped to craft a proposal that would limit the power of so-called superdelegates.

Religious faith emphasized in former Colorado Sen. Bill Armstrong’s funeral service

Former U.S. senator from Colorado Bill Armstrong was remembered by hundreds at Cherry Hills Community Church Saturday morning.

Hillary Clinton, Michael Bennet ahead in Colorado, new poll shows

A new poll of likely Colorado voters gives an edge to Democrats Hillary Clinton and Michael Bennet but showed a lukewarm response to Gov. John Hickenlooper as a possible Clinton pick for vice president.

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