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Down payment assistance is out there, but does it matter in Denver’s housing market?

Saving for a down payment can be a challenge, so challenging, in fact, that 25 percent of first-time buyers told the National Association of Realtors last year it was the most difficult part of the entire homebuying process.

A peek inside of the only “Dream Home” in central Denver on the 2016 Parade of Homes tour

Fully stocked with features like a smartphone-operable security system, curbless showers to allow wheelchair access and the newest kitchen appliances, life in this house is meant to be a breeze.

City leaders continue to question how Denver will pay to create affordable housing

A week before a Denver City Council committee is set to consider advancing an affordable housing plan, some council members still have concerns about how to pay for it.

Boulder prairie dogs threatened by development may get new home

The property owner of 8.5 acres of land where 200 housing units will be built is offering a $5,000 reward — plus moving costs — in an effort to relocate a 50-to 100-member prairie dog colony.

Sold! New Playboy Mansion owner closes deal for $100 million

The deal is done, and the Playboy Mansion has a new owner. Daren Metropoulos, who lives next door, said Tuesday that escrow has closed on his $100 million purchase of Hugh Hefner’s man cave.

Majestic Commercenter in Aurora betting big on industrial market with construction projects

The Aurora business park that’s home to Amazon’s first Colorado warehouse facility is growing its building footprint by nearly 1 million square feet — all without a single tenant identified.

Talks pave way for Denver’s proposed moratorium on some row home developments

A development agreement for one project could aid Denver City Council members’ attempt to stop rowhomes with narrow “garden courts” between the buildings.

Aspen real estate in a first-ever sustained nosedive

Aspen’s real estate market has collapsed in the first-half of 2016, with sales of high-end homes in the city barely half of what they were last year.

Homeowners have real estate agents over a barrel

Real estate commissions are set by custom, not written in stone, and a new survey suggests Americans are haggling.

Agilent expands in Weld County to make drug ingredients to potentially treat cancer

Agilent Technologies Inc. is out of room at its Boulder pharmaceutical plant, where it manufactures an ingredient that could be used to treat cancer, diabetes, muscular dystrophy and other disorders.

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