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Google’s new emoji aim to combat gender inequality

Google unveiled female emojis the tech giant says are designed to promote gender equality, depicting women with an array of skin tones in various professional careers.

Alphabet, Facebook seen acquiring more as startup valuations drop

Technology companies have been sitting on their hands when it comes to acquisitions of startups. That’s about to change as stratospheric startup valuations fall to earth.

McDonald’s will leave Oak Brook HQ for Harpo Studios based in Chicago

McDonald’s Corp. will move its headquarters to downtown Chicago, part of CEO Steve Easterbrook’s plan to attract new and younger employees.

Hey, Siri, how will Apple keep up with Google and Amazon?

Siri must convince customers, developers and investors that Apple is keeping pace with Alphabet’s Google Now and Amazon.com’s Alexa in one of the hottest emerging areas of tech: virtual personal assistants.

Google trains self-driving cars to lay on the horn — in some cases

Google has revealed that its self-driving cars don’t just know how to change lanes and run yellow lights — now, they can even honk the horn like a regular human. As the company’s test cars trundle around on public roads, Google has begun training its computers to rely on the horn in specific scenarios, such […]

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