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Category Archives: Greeley Police Department

Two Greeley officers cleared in May shooting of a fugitive Bloods gang member

Two Greeley police officers have been cleared of criminal wrongdoing in the May shooting death of a fugitive Park Hill Gangster Bloods member.

Suspect in Greeley murder identified

Greeley police are looking for a man suspected of first-degree murder in an early Saturday shooting death.

Greeley man sentenced to 80 years for shooting at police

A Greeley man has been sentenced to 80 years in prison for a number of offenses including shooting at an Evans police officer.

Prosecutors charge man in Greeley sex assault of 10-year-old girl

Weld County prosecutors on Thursday formally charged a 36-year-old man with several counts in the Greeley sex assault last week of a 10-year-old girl.

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