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Category Archives: Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan reaffirms support for Trump, critiques campaign

House Speaker Paul Ryan reaffirmed his support for Donald Trump Thursday in his first comments since the GOP presidential nominee declined to endorse the speaker in an upcoming Republican primary.

In Colorado Springs, the Koch network is refusing to help Donald Trump

One of Charles Koch’s lieutenants has made clear that Koch’s expansive political network would not use its tremendous resources to help Trump win this fall.

In break from Trump, Paul Ryan defends NATO, trade deals

House Speaker Paul Ryan vigorously defended the role of NATO and the importance of the United States leading the creation of free-trade agreements on Tuesday, breaking from positions taken by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton is unfit to handle classified information

It’s no small matter to hand over classified information to a person as reckless with our national security as HIllary Clinton, absent the voting public’s explicit permission in November.

Guns, immigration and Zika top agenda as Congress returns

WASHINGTON (AP) — Gun control, immigration and money to combat the Zika virus top the congressional agenda as lawmakers sprint toward the political conventions this month and a seven-week summer recess.

House Republicans offer proposals for health care changes

House Republicans on Wednesday unveiled new proposals to repeal and replace President Barack Obama’s health care law, as Speaker Paul Ryan seeks to showcase a GOP governing agenda amid the tumult of the presidential campaign.

House Speaker Ryan: ‘I’ll be voting for’ Trump

House Speaker Paul Ryan says in newspaper column he will vote for Donald Trump for president.

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