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Muhammad Ali’s cemetery opens to public, and fans pay homage at grave

Ali was buried Friday in a corner of his hometown’s historic Cave Hill Cemetery, 300 acres famous for its beauty and wildlife.

The world watched as Muhammad Ali’s goodbye created memorable moments

As Muhammad Ali’s youngest son rode in his father’s funeral procession through the streets of the city he adored, he noticed scores of children lining the route, pumping their fists, shouting “Ali! Ali!”

Muhammah Ali’s wife thanks world for love, support since his death

Lonnie Ali was her husband’s greatest champion. She is now embracing the role of chief advocate for his legacy.

Muhammad Ali makes his final journey through his hometown

Hundreds of people crowded the streets in front of the Louisville funeral home holding Muhammad Ali’s body Friday morning, many squeezing into a neighboring yard to catch a glimpse of the casket.

Muhammad Ali to return to his old Kentucky neighborhood one last time

The send-off for Muhammad Ali, the three-time heavyweight champion and global advocate for social justice, looms as one of Louisville’s most historic events.

Muhammad Ali remembered in prayer as an icon who pushed for unity

As the faithful chanted a Muslim prayer in unison, dignitaries and fans stood shoulder to shoulder to honor a man who used his celebrity to push for peace among races, religions and cultures.

How to watch the Ali memorial on TV, cable, digital

News and sports networks, broadcast and cable, will provide coverage of the procession and interfaith memorial service for three-time heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali in Louisville, KY, on Friday. Ali died June 3 at age 74 following a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.

Ali to be mourned with traditional Muslim prayer service

Muslim prayers over the body of Muhammad Ali will be witnessed worldwide Thursday, offering a window into a religion many outsiders know little about, but have come to scorn.

Muhammad Ali memorial services tickets being scalped online?

Muhammad Ali insisted the tickets for his memorial be free. But some people are looking to turn a profit.

Muhammad Ali scripted funeral plans in exacting detail in ‘The Book’

Muhammad Ali and his innermost circle started a document years ago that grew so thick they began calling it “The Book.”

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