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Jhabvala: Is Broncos QB competition real? Listen to Gary Kubiak

Broncos general manager John Elway, in a recent conversation with me, spoke candidly when I asked him if he was surprised by Brock Osweiler’s defection to Houston.

John Elway talks Peyton Manning courtship, four-year run, retirement

The quarterbacks will be forever linked and stand together in one of the many keepsakes scattered throughout the team’s UCHealth Training Center.

John Elway: I believe the Broncos got better this offseason

John Elway has always had this habit of trying to make the impossible possible. Five years into his tenure as the Broncos’ head of football operations, little has changed.

Five years in, John Elway reflects on his tenure as Broncos GM so far

In an exclusive interview, John Elway reflects on his 21-year tenure as a Hall of Fame quarterback turned executive. In that time, the Broncos have undergone multiple identity shifts, most of which decorate his museum of an office.

Jhabvala: Broncos already seen as underdogs in quest for repeat

The odds and expectations were stacked high the moment the final whistle blew at Levi’s Stadium on Feb. 7. The Broncos, now Super Bowl champions, had quashed the doubters and proven again that, yes, defense really can win championships.

Pat Bowlen “doing pretty well,” vision for team remains intact, Broncos’ Joe Ellis says

Broncos president Joe Ellis and general manager John Elway spoke somberly about their beloved owner Pat Bowlen as he fought Alzheimer’s and relinquished day-to-day control of the team.

John Elway wades into new territory trying to keep Broncos on Super Bowl track

“Are you asking me if we’re here to win now or from now on?” John Elway asked Monday, not really expecting an answer.

Denver Broncos to begin new era, but defense still tops

Come Wednesday, the eve of the Broncos’ 2016 training camp, John Elway likely will field the same questions as a year ago about the same topics, with different names.

Broncos secured Von Miller long-term. But between stops, starts, it wasn’t easy.

The Broncos averted a potential season-dooming distraction. But it left one heck of a story in its wake on how the Broncos agreed to make Von Miller the NFL’s second-highest paid player behind Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

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