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Ken Starr resigns as Baylor law professor, severs school ties in wake of sex assault scandal

Former Baylor University President Ken Starr resigned his post as a law school professor Friday, severing his last tie with the faith-based campus still reeling from a sexual assault scandal involving its football team.

Ex coach Art Briles rips Baylor, claims wrongful termination

Fired Baylor coach Art Briles ripped his former employer Thursday, accusing the school of wrongful termination and indicating he has no interest in settling a federal lawsuit filed against him and the university by a woman who was raped by a football player.

Ousted Baylor president Ken Starr resigns from chancellor role

Ken Starr resigned as Baylor University’s chancellor on Wednesday, a week after he was removed as the school’s president over its handling of sexual assault complaints against football players.

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