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Colorado residents don’t vet charities before giving, survey finds

Colorado’s Attorney General and Secretary of State are asking residents to do more to check out charities before they decide to give.

How to get a job in Denver

Of course you want to stand out if you’re one of 1,000 resumes for a gig at your ideal company. Denver-area recruiters and companies and workers share their networking tips, favorite job sites and other job hunting secrets.

U.S. stock indexes end strong week with tiny gains

U.S. stock indexes marked their fourth consecutive gain Friday, an upbeat finish for a week that got off to a turbulent start as investors fretted about Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

Gold rally saves Colorado stock index from a Brexit beating

Brexit fears caused investors to pile into gold-related investments, allowing a Colorado stock index to outperform the larger market in the second quarter.

Why Brexit endangers global unions that helped West prosper

Britain’s decision to bolt the European Union means economic pain for the United Kingdom above all. But it also threatens the economic alliances that helped drive decades of prosperity in the West after World War II.

U.S. stocks slip as energy and tech companies struggle

U.S. stocks gave up some early gains to finish lower Wednesday as energy companies sank with the price of oil and weak quarterly reports weighed down technology companies.

People are happier with more time in life than more money

Americans who want more time in their lives are happier than those who want more money, according to new research published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

U.S. stocks give up recent gains as oil prices sink

U.S. stocks skidded Friday in a wave of selling that wiped out most of the market’s gains from earlier this week. A drop in oil prices took energy companies sharply lower.

Fidelity’s John Sweeney talks rebalancing your portfolio

Like many things in life, investing is all about balance. As the market moves and other forces take shape, different investments will grow at different rates.

U.S. stocks, dollar slide after weak jobs report

Banks and other financial companies led a modest decline in U.S. stocks Friday after a report indicating that hiring slowed sharply in May put investors in a selling mood.

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