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Inside Story: Keep those who have passed present, but beautifully

I confess, when I first heard about a new book listing ways to turn stuff from your deceased loved one into tangible mementos, I judged.
Not favorably.

Jameson: Sun-loving succulents are a hot addition to your home

I had just set my travel bags down in my daughter’s new place in Houston, a second-floor duplex she’s renting while she goes to grad school, when I lit on the containers of succulents she had around the place.

Jameson: In the dark about light? Six secrets to great lighting in your home

You can’t touch it, or smell it, or taste it, or hear it, and you can see right through it. Yet this one design component is the most important element in any room. It’s the magic and the mystery, the secret in the sauce. It can make you feel awake or relaxed, industrious or romantic, […]

Jameson: How to divest of collectibles as you grow older

Recently, while speaking at a book event about what to do with our stuff and our loved ones’ stuff, a woman in the audience shared that she and her husband, both pharmacists, had a plan.

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