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Broncos Insider: QB timeline, fantasy football, NFC West favorites, preseason week 4 and more

The Broncos starters have already turned their attention to the Carolina Panthers and, while tempting to also do so, first soak in all the happenings across Broncos Country as the mini season before the season concludes.

Broncos Insider: Trevor Siemian signed, sealed, delivered as Denver’s QB

It’s a song fit for a presidential intro and, after Trevor Siemian’s performance against the Los Angeles Rams, could be the anthem to cap Denver’s search for its newest starting quarterback. Here’s all the hot take across Broncos Country.

Broncos Insider: More questions to answer than QBs vs. Los Angeles Rams

It’s been said before and will be said again (because this is the last time it can be said), Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams is the “dress rehearsal” for Week 1 against the Carolina Panthers.

Broncos Insider: Dress rehearsal draws near against Los Angeles Rams

As for preseason games, Week 3 is arguably the most exciting because it’s when potential starters see the most game action, which gives fan bases the truest view of what their teams will resemble come kickoff of the regular season.

Broncos Insider: Hits and misses from the 49ers preseason game

Denver will again hold auditions at quarterback against the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday in what is supposed to be the “dress rehearsal” for potential starters in Week 1 vs. Carolina.

Broncos Insider: Camp is over. Here are all your Broncos details from QBs to quick hits

While every day is Orange Sunday in Broncos Country, this Saturday is the home-opener. Has much transpired since we last interacted on Wednesday?

Broncos Insider: Hello, defense, our old friend.

Deion Sanders’ words should have been the soundtrack to the Broncos’ soul crushing shutout of the Chicago Bears last Thursday: “This Denver defense flat-out balled today.”

Broncos Insider: It’s the most wonderful time of the year, almost.

Winds of change roll into Chicago Thursday night when the Broncos face the Bears. With the new season comes the inaugural look at which quarterback could steer Denver’s ship this season.

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