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Man hit by light rail in downtown Denver is seriously injured

A man was seriously injured Friday when he was hit by an RTD light rail train in downtown Denver.

Man on Colfax bus causes alarm after asking woman to smell pepper spray

A man on a bus on East Colfax Avenue caused alarm after a strong odor caused people’s eyes to burn. A Denver Fire Department dispatcher said officials now believe the substance was pepper spray.

New app connects Centennial residents with free Lyft rides to train station

A novel approach to bridging the gap between home and office and the transit station went live in Centennial on Wednesday with the release of an app that will make it possible for some in the southern suburb to get a free lift with ride-hailing service Lyft to the Dry Creek light rail station.

Report: $1 billion a year needed for Colorado pedestrians, cyclists, transit users

Colorado needs to invest $1.05 billion annually in transit, bicycle and pedestrian improvements for the next quarter century if it wants to cut emissions, unclog roads and reduce obesity, according to a report issued Wednesday by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project and the CoPIRG Foundation.

Female engineers heading up RTD’s North Line project are breaking barriers, traditions

Female engineers remain scarce on America’s college campuses and work sites, but at a massive commuter rail project heading north out of Denver, women are running the show.

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