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Category Archives: hacking

Russian hackers said to have targeted Arizona election system

Hackers targeted voter registration systems in Illinois and Arizona, and the FBI alerted Arizona officials in June that Russian hackers were behind the assault on the election system in that state.

Banner Health faces lawsuits after security breach

Banner Health faces several lawsuits after revealing on Aug. 2 that 3.7 million customers’ medical records were exposed during a sophisticated hack this summer.

Pelosi warns colleagues of harassing calls and messages

After receiving a deluge of obscene voicemails and text messages, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi informed her fellow Democrats on Saturday of “an electronic Watergate break-in” and warned them not to allow family members to answer their phones or read incoming texts.

Banner Health says hackers may have accessed credit cards, related data

Cyberhackers may have the credit card information of people who bought food at Banner Health facilities, including operations in Greeley, Loveland, Fort Collins, Brush and Sterling.

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