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Dekoda Watson, Vontarrius Dora, Sadat Sulleyman show Broncos have more talented pass rushers than they can keep

A Broncos outside linebacker unleashes a speed rush around the edge blowing past the left tackle and sacking an unsuspecting quarterback. He immediately leaps up and unveils a sack dance. Denver fans saw that a lot last season.

Broncos Insider: More questions to answer than QBs vs. Los Angeles Rams

It’s been said before and will be said again (because this is the last time it can be said), Saturday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams is the “dress rehearsal” for Week 1 against the Carolina Panthers.

About that time DeMarcus Ware raced Shane Ray after Broncos practice …

Despite C.J. Anderson’s valiant effort to distract the media, the Broncos’ post-practice footrace between DeMarcus Ware and Shane Ray was captured in all its glory Thursday afternoon and even sparked a new controversy.

Best defense in the NFL has a job opening. And Shane Ray’s name is top of the stack.

Shane Ray loomed over the right side of Denver’s defense Monday in full 3-D. He is pumped up, in a Hans and Franz sense.

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