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David Ikenberry to step down as University of Colorado business school dean amid discrimination complaints

University of Colorado’s Leeds School of Business dean David Ikenberry, who faced three federal gender discrimination complaints between 2013 and 2015, will step down from his post, according to a resignation letter he submitted this week.

Lockheed gives CU Boulder $3 million to fund space communications research

Aerospace giant Lockheed Martin is giving $3 million to the University of Colorado to fund a research center on radio frequency (RF) technologies and their use in space communications systems.

Grant will fund CU researchers attempting to fixing brain connections using new microscope

A team of neuroscientists and engineers in Colorado won an $800,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to experiment with reconnecting parts of the brain using a miniature, lightweight microscope.

CU study: Female birds’ mate choices influence evolution of trait differences

Variations in the physical appearance of male barn swallows plays a role in their choice as mates for females — and also fills a gap in understanding how species evolve, according to a study led by University of Colorado Boulder researchers.

Former CU student convicted of Boulder rape avoids prison sentence

Boulder County prosecutors are asking that a former University of Colorado student convicted of sexually assaulting a drunken woman he pretended to care for be sent to prison against the recommendation of the probation department.

CU business school dean subject of federal gender-discrimination complaints

The dean of the University of Colorado’s business school, who came under fire during a recent employment review for his treatment of women, was the subject of two federal gender-discrimination complaints last year.

How you can see these three meteor showers in July and August

Three meteor showers — Perseids, Delta Aquarids and Alpha Capricornids — will be visible in Colorado in August, with Perseids particular visible this year.

CU-Boulder biomedical hardware launched into space Monday

Biomedical hardware built by CU was launched into space Monday and is headed for the International Space Station where it will be used for medical experiments to test the effects of space travel

Survey: 92% of sexual assault victims at CU Boulder don’t report

Ninety-two percent of sexual assault victims at the University of Colorado did not report their assaults to the university or police, primarily because they didn’t think it was serious enough or because they blamed themselves for what happened.

CU-Boulder natural history museum seeks new storage for mammal specimens

The CU-Boulder Natural History Museum is trying to raise $25,000 to buy modern storage cabinets more than 16,000 mammal specimens, used by researchers all over the world to study climate change, disease and genetics.

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