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Loaded handgun found outside Fort Collins elementary school

Police are investigating after a loaded handgun was found on the lawn of a Fort Collins elementary school.

Black educators in Denver Public Schools feel mistreated, according to report

Denver Public Schools officials said the state’s largest school district plans to respond to a recent report that found its African-American teachers feel mistreated — and feel as though the needs of black students are being ignored.

Roscoe Davidson, legendary Colorado educator, dies at 89

Legendary Colorado educator Roscoe Davidson, described as “selfless” and harboring “endless compassion” for children, died Sunday morning at his home in Denver. He was 89.

Voters may face record level of school funding measures in November

Voters will likely be asked for a record-setting dollar amount to pay for public education in Colorado this year. Nearly $4 billion worth of bond issues and mill levy overrides to fund capital improvements, buttress technology purchases and beef up staffing at hundreds of schools statewide could end up on the November ballot, according to data provided by the Colorado School Finance Project.

Why are Colorado school districts going to spend millions on door locks?

School districts around Colorado will be spending millions to outfit classrooms with locks that operate on a button function, allowing students and teachers to secure a room without having to go outside or frantically find a key in an emergency situation.

Lead found in drinking water at two Jeffco elementary schools

Elevated lead levels were found in several drinking fountains and sinks in two Jefferson County public
schools, officials said Thursday.

Denver teachers see pay bump for next school year, less than previous year

Denver teachers and special service providers like school nurses, counselors and social workers are getting an average 2.61 percent raise in the upcoming school year, the district said Wednesday. An agreement between Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association will add $7.6 million in teacher compensation for 2016-17 school year, with the possibility […]

How a 17-year-old Aurora kid working, living on his own thrived and got accepted to college

The Boys Hope Girls Hope progam has two tracks: The first, a residential program that offers family-style housing and an academy program focused on Aurora Central High School students to offer structured academic help, college preparedness and other wraparound services.

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