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Buyer beware: Colorado provides limited regulation for outdoor adventures

Outdoor adventures — such as hot air balloon rides, whitewater rafting, back-country skiing, rock climbing and mountaineering — can end in disaster. But the rules governing those who provide those experiences in Colorado can be weak or non-existent.

New York man rescued after fall on Crestone Needle

A 57-year-old New York man was rescued Saturday morning from the Crestone Needle in southern Colorado after falling about 25 feet while descending the 14,203-foot summit.

This Colorado climber is the first American amputee to summit Mount Everest

Jeff Glasbrenner spent his childhood on the sidelines of sports, but he’s in the spotlight now — the Golden-based climber is the first American amputee to summit Mount Everest.

In “Sixty Meters to Anywhere,” Denver author Brendan Leonard takes a journey through addiction, recovery, rock climbing

Brendan Leonard’s new book isn’t just a climbing memoir. It’s about getting your life together, figuring out who you want to be — and how to get that.

Parker man dies after fall while climbing Crestone Needle

A 55-year-old Parker man is dead after falling Sunday afternoon while climbing the Crestone Needle in southern Colorado.

Rescuers retrieve body of Dutch climber who died on Everest

A helicopter has retrieved the body of a Dutch climber who died last week on Mount Everest while attempts were being made to retrieve the bodies of two other climbers.

Seven Colorado climbers reach Everest summit in May

Seven Colorado climbers reach summit of Everest: Chad Jukes, Elyse Ping Medvigy, Kim Hess, Chad Peele, Tracee Metcalfe, Chhiring Dorje Sherpa

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