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Category Archives: Democratic National Convention

With Khan family, has Trump finally gone too far?

In a defensive crouch, Donald Trump complained Monday about being “viciously attacked” by the father of a decorated Army captain killed in Iraq, persisting in an emotionally charged feud that has left him increasingly isolated among fellow Republicans.

How Clinton and Sanders avoided a broken convention

Most Bernie Sanders delegates “were waving ‘Hillary’ or ‘USA’ or ‘Stronger Together’ banners and American flags,” one Hillary Clinton adviser said. “It was a unifying event.”

Donald Trump responds to the Khan family: ‘Maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say’

Trump’s response to the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd was brief: “I’d like to hear his wife say something.”

Donald Trump attacks Muslim father’s convention speech

With 100 days left before the fall election, Hillary Clinton’s campaign bus wound its way through Donald Trump’s America as the Republican nominee picked a new fight with the bereaved father of a Muslim Army captain.

Spotlight on Colorado tiemakers after a shoutout in Hillary Clinton’s nomination speech

Hillary Clinton didn’t call the small Denver-based custom neckwear company by name, but among a laundry list of criticisms of Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Computers hacked at Democrats’ House campaign committee

The computers of the House Democratic campaign committee have been hacked, an intrusion that investigators say resembles the recent cyber breach of the Democratic National Committee.

Hillary Clinton to nation: It’s a “moment of reckoning”

Hillary Clinton capped a four-day convention celebration with a plea for national unity and tolerance and next the first female presidential nominee embarks on a bus tour through two Rust Belt battlegrounds, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

What you missed on the final day of the Democratic National Convention

Welcome to a special-edition Spot political memo from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. More Colorado political news, notes and a look back at the final day of the convention.

Fact check: Misfires in Hillary Clinton’s speech accepting the Democratic nomination

In her speech, Hillary Clinton wrongly implied Donald Trump has proposed banning Islam in America and sketched out a plan for defeating Islamic State militants that merely mirrors what the U.S. is already trying to do.

Hillary Clinton promises steady hand in dangerous world in accepting Democratic nomination

Hillary Clinton is set to face the nation with the goal of introducing the woman that speaker after speaker, including a pair of presidents, have spent days promising the American public they’ll finally get to see: the “real” Hillary Clinton.

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