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ACT scores show many grads not ready for college-level work

The latest scores from the ACT college entrance exam suggest many of this year’s high school graduates aren’t ready for college-level course work.

CU business school dean subject of federal gender-discrimination complaints

The dean of the University of Colorado’s business school, who came under fire during a recent employment review for his treatment of women, was the subject of two federal gender-discrimination complaints last year.

Big accreditor of for-profit colleges could lose authority

A vote by an advisory panel to the Education Department could set the nation’s largest accreditor of for-profit colleges firmly on a path to closing its doors, potentially leaving hundreds of thousands of students at risk of losing access to federal financial aid.

Colorado man remembered for his contributions to academic testing

A Colorado man with an answer key to life is remembered by family and friends as a “perfect gentleman” with a passion for academia.

More Colorado high school graduates need remediation after entering college

The number of Colorado high school graduates who weren’t academically ready to succeed in college-level curriculum went up during for the 2014-15 school year, according to a Colorado Department of Higher Education remediation report.

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