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Category Archives: Republican National Convention

Trump backers claiming a shift in his rhetoric on immigration

As he turns his attention to the general election, Donald Trump is signaling that he is ready to tone down his fiery rhetoric on illegal immigration

What you missed from Colorado on the final day of the Republican National Convention

Colorado’s delegates remain reluctant to support Donald Trump, which is to say most of them will vote for the Republican nominee despite their bad history.

Trump at RNC finale: “I will restore law and order to our country”

Declaring that he alone has the leadership strength to secure the homeland and rejuvenate the economy, the billionaire real estate mogul offered himself as a “law and order” candidate and made a direct appeal to blue-collar Americans who have felt left behind in the 21st century.

Fact check: Trump resurfaces debunked claims in speech

Despite promising “the truth, and nothing else” in his convention speech, Donald Trump presented the nation with a series of previously debunked claims and some new ones Thursday night — about the U.S. tax burden, the perils facing police, Hillary Clinton’s record and more.

Kicking and screaming, Colorado Republicans move closer to supporting Donald Trump

CLEVELAND — Donald Trump hit one of his big applause lines in his acceptance speech Thursday night at the Republican National Convention and his screaming fans jumped to their feet. The Colorado delegation, for the most part, remained in their seats. Some clapped. Others sat arms crossed. “Look at stubborn Colorado,” a Georgia delegate and […]

Daughter Ivanka Trump raises issues father rarely mentions

Donald Trump’s daughter promised Thursday that her father will fight for equal pay for women and affordable childcare for parents, issues the Republican nominee has rarely if ever addressed on the campaign trail.

It’s Trump’s big night before the nation — and GOP skeptics

Donald Trump takes the final-night stage at his Republican convention facing a daunting array of challenges, many of his own making.

The Donald Trump delegate from Colorado in a sea of Ted Cruz supporters

Steve Barlock is a Donald Trump fanatic in a Ted Cruz state. And not until he made it to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland did he feel more at home.

What to expect from Colorado on the last day of the Republican National Convention

Welcome to a special-edition Spot political memo from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. More Colorado political news, notes and a look ahead to Thursday at the convention.

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