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Denver-based CorePower Yoga to open first studio in New York City

CorePower got its start in Denver in 2002, opening its first yoga studio at 13th Avenue and Grant Street in Capitol Hill.

Top producers invest in west Texas but insist Colorado’s D-J Basin still has room to run

Producers say they continue to value the D-J Basin for its consistency and predictability.

Patent No. 6,630,507: Why the U.S. government holds a patent on cannabis plant compounds

The number has become internet-famous since the U.S. DEA opted not to reschedule marijuana, so what is it exactly?

Down payment assistance is out there, but does it matter in Denver’s housing market?

Saving for a down payment can be a challenge, so challenging, in fact, that 25 percent of first-time buyers told the National Association of Realtors last year it was the most difficult part of the entire homebuying process.

The colonel’s secret recipe revealed? Not so fast, says KFC

Social media is lighting up on the possibility that, at long last, Colonel Sanders’ 11 herbs and spices have been revealed.

DaVita’s second tower becomes final chapter of Central Platte Valley redevelopment

Gov. John Hickenlooper joined with employees of DaVita Healthcare Partners Friday to celebrate as the last piece of the Central Platte Valley puzzle fell into place.

Megabrew a megaboon for bankers, lawyers collecting $2 billion in fees

Banks, law firms, accountants, public relations companies and the tax man are lining up for about $2 billion in fees and expenses from Anheuser-Busch InBev’s $103.8 billion takeover of rival SABMiller.

NASA picks United Launch Alliance for next Mars rover launch

When the next robotic rover blasts off for Mars, United Launch Alliance will again be the company charged with making sure the launch goes smoothly.

Arrow Electronics ups its Indiegogo support with $1 million offered to makers of tech products

Arrow Electronics sweetened the crowdfunding pot by announcing Thursday that it will offer $1 million in funding to a variety of Indiegogo campaigns with products deemed fit for manufacturing.

Thanks to the Winter Park Express, Denver just became a ski-in, ski-out town

With the platform about 30 yards from the Gemini lift, downtown Denver is now ski-in, ski-out. (Of course, there’s a two-hour train ride in between those steps, but why sweat the details?)

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