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Category Archives: Pokemon Go

Commerce City cops lose training jobs over on-duty Pokemon Go games

A pair pair of Commerce City police training officers learned that lesson the hard way and are no longer training recruits after superiors discovered they were leading their charges on Pokemon Go expeditions instead of showing them the law enforcement ropes.

Meet the man who made Pokemon an international phenomenon

You probably don’t know him, but Al Kahn is likely to have had an enormous influence on your life. The true highlight of his career may be that he is responsible for Pokémania.

Pokemon statue mysteriously appears in New Orleans park

Someone put up a statue of the iconic Pokemon, Pikachu, at the center of a broken fountain in a park in New Orleans over the weekend.

Businesses use Pokemon Go to lure more customers

Many businesses have hopped on the Pokemon Go bandwagon and used the game to market their own companies.

Colorado Democrats use Pokémon Go to ‘catch’ voters

Because Pokémon Go forces its players to visit real-world locations to capture digital creatures and advance in the game, state Democratic staff and volunteers have staked out certain hotspots to find unregistered voters.

What’s troubling athletes arriving in Rio? No Pokemon Go

So the plumbing and electricity in the athletes’ village took several days to fix. Who cares? But no Pokemon Go? That’s an outrage!

Pokemon Go players discovering hidden history, from Hells Angels clubhouses to Civil War battlefields

Historical markers have long dotted the landscape, often barely noticed by passers-by — until they became treasure-filled stops this month on the “Pokemon Go” trail.

‘Pokemon Go’ to be updated with trading capability

The head of the company behind “Pokemon Go” says more capabilities for the wildly popular smartphone game are coming, including the ability to trade Pokemon.

Cartoons of the day: Pokemon Go

The mobile video game Pokemon Go has millions in the U.S. and elsewhere glued to their smartphones in search of virtual creatures in real-life settings.

Denver Zoo offering $5 discount to Pokemon Go users — and yes, you still have to stay out of the cages

The Denver Zoo is offering a $5 discount on admission to guests who show the Pokemon Go app from 1 p.m. until close Friday through Sunday.

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