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Category Archives: Floods

Obama to visit flood-damaged Louisiana in show of support

President Barack Obama is making his first visit to flood-ravaged southern Louisiana as he attempts to assure the many thousands who have suffered damage to their homes, schools and businesses that his administration has made their recovery a priority.

“Act of God”: Ruinous flooding catches Louisiana off guard

An act of God is how some are describing it, a catastrophic 48-hour torrent of rain that sent thousands of people in Louisiana scrambling for safety and left many wondering how a region accustomed to hurricanes could get caught off guard so badly.

PHOTOS: Fatal flooding in Louisiana displaces thousands

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards says more than 1,000 people in south Louisiana have been rescued from homes, vehicles and even clinging to trees as a slow-moving storm hammers the state with flooding.

Road to Glen Haven from Fort Collins finally clear after more than 2 years

The route between Fort Collins and the Big Thompson Canyon town of Glen Haven is clear for the first time in more than two years.

Mesa County authorities downgrade alert level at landslide area near Collbran

Mesa County authorities have downgraded the alert level for residents near the West Salt Creek landslide area near Collbran because of recent warm temperatures and lower creek levels.

Mesa County increases alert level at massive Collbran landslide site

Mesa County authorities have raised the alert level at the site of the massive West Salt Creek landslide near Collbran because of increased water flow due to spring runoff.

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