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Category Archives: Colorado Department of Human Services

Human services shuts down Boulder County camp for providing “unlicensed child care”

A nature-based Boulder County camp has been shut down after county officials paid a visit in July and found that children had been using an outhouse with improper hand-washing facilities and a well used for drinking water had not been tested for safety.

State must hire independent consultant to track mental competency evaluations for inmates

The state human services department must hire an independent consultant to monitor how quickly it completes mental competency evaluations and treatment for inmates facing criminal charges as part of a new federal agreement.

Colorado’s new mental health task force to begin meeting next month

The 30-member group was created by the Colorado Department of Human Services this week and will first meet Aug. 4.

Colorado human services offers free kinship adoption for relatives raising children

Colorado’s kinship adoption program has helped 30 families, a total of 41 children, since its first adoption in 2012. Now state officials are hoping more grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings or family friends who are raising children they have not yet adopted will use the program to formally adopt them.

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