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Neighboring churches in Georgia, split on race lines, work to heal divide

There are two First Baptist Churches in Macon — one black and one white. They sit almost back-to-back, separated by a small park, in a hilltop historic district overlooking downtown.

Michael Bennet continues his big fundraising advantage in Colorado’s U.S. Senate race

Democrat Michael Bennet continues to set a high bar for his Republican challengers in the money race for Colorado’s U.S. Senate race.

Orlando shooting renews national security focus in GOP race for U.S. Senate

The attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando renewed the focus on national security in Colorado’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate, as the five candidates called Monday for tougher measures to confront terrorists at home and abroad.

Jack Graham, fresh from CSU, tackles U.S. Senate race

Jack Graham’s unexpected run for U.S. Senate isn’t the first time the re-insurance executive has gambled on a job he’s never done before.

Signature gatherer for Jon Keyser faces felony forgery charges

An arrest warrant on 34 felony charges was issued Wednesday for a woman who collected petition signatures for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jon Keyser.

“Unapologetic” Darryl Glenn wouldn’t tack left to face Bennet

While pundits, party insiders and opponents see him as the conservative strongman in the Republican primary, they see his chances against Bennet as weak in a general election, when more-moderate, unaffiliated candidates weigh in and Bennet’s financial advantage looms large.

Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Jon Keyser’s U.S. Senate bid

The deadline to challenge Jon Keyser’s petitions in the U.S. Senate race expired weeks ago, a Denver judge ruled Tuesday as he dismissed a lawsuit challenging his candidacy in the Republican primary.

Colorado’s GOP Senate candidates get testy as primary nears

The Republican race for U.S. Senate in Colorado is intensifying as the candidates near the one-month mark before the primary.

Ryan Frazier makes primary ballot for U.S. Senate

A district court judge ruled that candidate Ryan Frazier had collected enough valid signatures to qualify for the June 28 primary, according to a spokeswoman for Secretary of State Wayne Williams.

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