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Saunders: Brian Griese wants fans to see another side of Troy Tulowitzki

I received word that Griese, the former Broncos quarterback and current college football analyst for ESPN, wanted to talk about Tulo. Why, I wondered, would Griese want to talk to me about Tulo?

Carlos Gonzalez pushes Troy Tulowitzki’s legacy down a peg as Rockies rally past Blue Jays

Coors Field fans mustered a makeshift clap-clap-clap, TU-LO chant in the second inning for the shortstop who once held down the LoDo park as its reigning best ballplayer.

Troy Tulowitzki gets a very Coors Field welcome for his Colorado return

Before taking the field for the first time since he was traded to Toronto 11 months ago, Troy Tulowitzki said the crowd wouldn’t see many smiles from him on the diamond. Not because he wasn’t happy to be back — he takes the game that seriously.

Troy Tulowitzki returns to Coors Field, says he’s not bitter; wanted to “make it cool to be a Rockie”

Troy Tulowitzki hugged it out with Rockies manager Walt Weiss, Nolan Arenado and Trevor Story Monday afternoon at Coors Field. Then he waded through a sea of media and took a spot in the visitor’s dugout.

Troy Tulowitzki returns to Colorado, where he made an intense impression on the Rockies

Troy Tulowitzki’s middle name is Trever. It might as well be “Intensity,” because that is the defining characteristic of the Toronto Blue Jays’ veteran shortstop.

Saunders: Troy Tulowitzki’s return to face Rockies sparks memories, questions

Troy Tulowitzki, wearing Toronto blue, returns to Coors Field on Monday to begin a three-game set against his former team.

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