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MLB clears Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmerman of drug allegations

Philadelphia’s Ryan Howard and Washington’s Ryan Zimmerman have been cleared by Major League Baseball of allegations they used human growth hormone.

Inside an Olympian’s testosterone ordeal

Had the athlete not been a runner, she might never have known of her condition. It was flagged by the IAAF’s tests that look for banned drugs. She was stunned and uncomprehending when told that her testosterone pointed to hyperandrogenism, her then-coach told The Associated Press.

At least 85 Russians barred from Rio Olympics over doping

At least 85 athletes from the 387-strong Russian Olympic team announced last week have so far been barred from the Rio Games in connection with the country’s doping scandal.

7 Russian swimmers to miss Rio Olympics over doping

Seven Russian swimmers have been barred from the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, including three linked to recent allegations of a major doping cover-up by Russian authorities, world swimming’s governing body FINA said Monday.

Emma Coburn: “Happy to see” ban against Russian track athletes upheld

Olympians Jenny Simpson and Emma Coburn welcomed Thursday’s news that the ban against Russian track and field athletes competing in the Rio Olympics was upheld by the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Europe.

Summer Olympic sports seek “individual” not blanket ban on Russians

Summer Olympic sports federations said on Tuesday they are ready to deal with “individual cases” of Russian doping, rather than endorse a total ban on the Russian team for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Russia cheated beyond Sochi Olympics, swapped athletes’ samples, per independent report

An investigator looking into Russian doping found the country’s state-directed cheating program resulted in at least 312 falsified results and lasted from 2011 through at least last year’s world swimming championships.

James Harrison wants evidence before talking to NFL about PEDs

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison wants the NFL to provide “credible evidence” before he agrees to an interview with league officials regarding a media report that linked him and other players to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

NFL to interview Clay Matthew, Julius Peppers, James Harrison in PEDs probe

Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers and James Harrison will be interviewed next month by NFL officials in connection to a media report that linked them to the use of performance-enhancing drugs.

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