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Thousands of migrants rescued off Libyan coast

Italian naval ships and vessels from non-government groups rescued thousands of migrants off the Libyan coast Monday, the latest surge in desperate attempts to flee to Europe driven by war, poverty and human traffickers.

Suddenly it’s Trump sounding soft on illegal immigration

Donald Trump defeated 16 rivals in the Republican primaries by being the most anti-immigrant of them all, promising to build a giant wall on the border and deport millions. He labeled opponents like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio as weak and amnesty-loving, and his extreme rhetoric pushed the entire immigration debate to the right.

ACLU files suit claiming immigration officials not following open records law

Dolly, the oldest elephant at the Denver Zoo, nears end of her life

U.N.: Thousands of Central American children seek to enter U.S.

Thousands of children trying to escape gang violence and poverty in Central America have made their way to the United States this year.

Denver, Aurora create formal groups to help integrate immigrants, refugees

In Denver, the number of new immigrants and refugees has held steady. But in Aurora, that number has rapidly increased. Officials in both say their cities will benefit from integrating diverse community members.

Rally at Aurora immigration facility seeks to stop mass incarcerations, deportations

About 30 protesters outside an Aurora federal jail Monday called for a stay in regard to a grandfather who faces deportation to Mexico.

Aurora’s new Immigrant and Refugee Commission seeks applicants

For the first time in its history, the city of Aurora is establishing an Immigrant and Refugee Commission, which is expected to start in late October with duties that include advising the city council on issues of common concern to the local immigrant and refugee population.

Trump: France, others hit by terror may face more screening

Donald Trump singled out France as one country he would subject to the “extreme vetting” he is proposing for those seeking to enter the United States, a move he says is necessary to deter attacks by people coming from countries”compromised by terrorism.”

The immigrants who like Donald Trump

In a U.S. survey conducted by Pew Research Center, half of all foreign-born whites said that the growing number of newcomers “threatens” traditional American customs and values.

Supreme Court will review unusual citizenship law

The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to referee a dispute about an odd piece of U.S. citizenship law that treats men and women differently.

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