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Boris Johnson an undiplomatic pick as Britain’s top diplomat

Boris Johnson, who led the successful campaign to get Britain out of the European Union, was appointed foreign secretary by new Prime Minister Theresa May, two weeks after she mocked his negotiating skills.

David Cameron out, Theresa May in on dramatic day in British politics

David Cameron is making a final appearance in the House of Commons as prime minister Wednesday before handing over to his successor, Theresa May.

5 things to know about UK prime ministerial handover

Here are five things to know about Wednesday’s formal handover of prime ministerial power in Britain from David Cameron to Theresa May.

Britain’s new prime minister: Friend to U.S., tough on terror

From counterterrorism to digital privacy to fighting radical Islam, the U.S. will have an ally in Theresa May, the British incoming prime minister.

David Cameron says he will resign by Wednesday, Theresa May to be next British Prime Minister

LONDON (AP) — David Cameron says he will resign by Wednesday, Theresa May to be next British Prime Minister.

UK candidate Andrea Leadsom drops out of Prime Minister race, leaving only Theresa May

Andrea Leadsom, one of two Conservative lawmakers vying to replace Prime Minister David Cameron, withdrew from the contest Monday, leaving Home Secretary Theresa May as the sole remaining candidate.

Race for British PM: Rival says being mom makes her better pick

Andrea Leadsom, one of two women in the race to become the next British prime minister, has suggested that being a mom makes her a better pick than her rival Theresa May.

Why Scotland, unlike its neighbors, voted to stay in the EU

In one of the defining splits of last week’s EU referendum, all 32 council areas in Scotland as well as Northern Ireland went against their southern neighbors and voted for Britain to stay in the bloc.

U.K. left with power vacuum as UKIP leader latest to step down

Britain’s Conservative prime minister is stepping down. The Labour Party leader is barely clinging to power. And now the head of the U.K. Independence Party, a key architect of the dramatic vote to leave the European Union, has resigned as well.

Britain’s vote to exit EU makes for a rocky end to quarter

So close, yet so far. Fund investors came within a week of recording solid gains for the quarter, with the S&P 500 index up 2.6 percent by June 23’s close. Then came “Brexit,” Britain’s globe-shaking vote to quit the European Union that day, and all bets were off.

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