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Category Archives: 16th Street Mall

Private security guards begin patrols on Denver’s 16th Street Mall

Private security guards will begin patrolling Denver’s 16th Street Mall on Wednesday afternoon as part of a plan to ease public concern about safety in the heart of downtown.

Another brutal attack on the 16th St. Mall caught on camera

Another brutal and vicious attack on the 16th Street Mall was caught on camera Wednesday night, this one happening at around 11 p.m. near 16th and Stout.

Homeless man in violent 16th St. Mall pipe attack explains incident

A homeless man from Indiana who was captured attacking others in broad daylight with a pipe on the 16th St. Mall is breaking his silence about the events of that day.

Historic group worries 16th Street Mall plan would destroy “large piece of public art”

Advocates of Denver’s past are leery of a proposal to replace the intricate granite paver stones on which buses travel over on the downtown 16th Street Mall.

16th Street Mall bus lane fixes are focus of public meetings

Two public meetings are scheduled for July 28 to get comments on plans to add a new surface on the 16th Street Mall bus lanes.

Public art gets temporary display during Prototype Festival on Denver’s 16th Street Mall

The ultimate goal is to implement one as a permanent structure on 16th Street Mall

LGBT choruses perform along Denver’s 16th Street Mall

Passersby were treated to a pop-up performance in front of Union Station yesterday morning by choruses from GALA Choruses’ Festival 2016, the world’s largest LGBT performing arts event.

Man caught on video assaulting people on 16th Street Mall

A man was arrested Wednesday evening on suspicion of aggravated assault for chasing people around with a long pole on the 16th Street Mall. The attack was videotaped and posted on Facebook, where it has received more than 600,000 views.

Denver going after “scourge of hoodlums” on 16th Street Mall

Citing a “scourge of hoodlums” on Denver’s 16th Street Mall, city officials on Monday announced new plans to increase security, including stopping people from leaning on walls and calling animal control when people are loitering with dogs. The plan also includes the addition of more uniformed officers on the mall, from Denver Police Department officers and from private security.

Artisans take over downtown for 16th Street Fair

Local artisans take over 16th Street Mall for the annual 16th Street Fair event over the weekend

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