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In TV’s “The Get Down,” Baz Luhrmann spins magical realist vision of hip-hop’s birth

Baz Luhrmann’s defining aesthetic is unexpected juxtaposition, whether he’s mashing up “Time After Time” with Australian ballroom dance competitions, Elton John and the post-Impressionist moment in Paris or the Cardigans and William Shakespeare in “Romeo + Juliet.”

Robert Redford movie to begin shooting in Florence next month

Florence will serve as the setting for Robert Redford and Jane Fonda’s new movie for Netflix, beating out Cañon City for an adaptation of Colorado author Kent Haruf’s final novel “Our Souls at Night.”

Robert Redford’s new film, Netflix bolster Colorado’s movie industry

Robert Redford’s latest movie is just one several that are now filming — or will soon be filming — in Colorado this year, boosting the state’s growing reputation in the national movie industry.

No spoilers, but ‘Gilmore Girls’ star says chemistry is back

Melissa McCarthy answered the call for Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls” sequel and made magic again with star Lauren Graham, the show’s creator said.

Netflix orders more ‘Making A Murderer’

The saga of Steven Avery will continue at Netflix.

Netflix: Sharing passwords is OK — just don’t sell them

U.S. appeals court ruling’s use of a 1984 computer-fraud law left many wondering if sharing your Netflix password is now illegal. Netflix says no.

Comcast to let customers stream Netflix shows on X1 platform

Comcast and Netflix have agreed to let customers of both companies stream Netflix’s web video content on the cable company’s X1 platform.

Court upholds net neutrality rules on equal internet access

A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the government’s “net neutrality” rules that require internet providers to treat all web traffic equally.

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