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Category Archives: Peabody Energy

Official rejects overdue Peabody tax payment that shorted Routt County more than $91,000

Routt County Treasurer Brita Horn has rejected checks for overdue property taxes from bankrupt coal company Peabody Energy that fell short of the amount due — and then took money out of her own pocket for a public relations effort assuring county taxpayers that all of them will be treated equally.

Bankrupt Peabody Energy wants to pay execs up to $12 million in bonuses

Peabody says the bonuses are warranted in light of the fact that the success of its restructuring requires “extraordinary efforts” from its leaders.

Judge allows Peabody Energy to pay $30 million in property taxes

A judge on Wednesday agreed to let Peabody Energy go ahead and pay nearly $30 million in property taxes in four states while the coal company goes through bankruptcy reorganization.

Colorado school district gets bailout after coal giant Peabody fails to pay taxes

Colorado’s state board of education has emptied its emergency fund to help a 300-student district caught up in a giant coal company’s financial woes.

Coal giant’s hiccup causes turmoil in dependent Colorado towns

Peabody Energy’s failure to pay a $1.2 million June installment to Routt County translated almost instantly to trouble for fire protection, the library, cemetery and school for 325 children. It is an example of how the shaky status of coal-mining companies reverberates around the West.

Bankrupt Peabody coal hires legal icon Laurence Tribe to fight climate plan

Peabody Energy Corp. is set to pay President Barack Obama’s Harvard Law School mentor $435,000 this year to help the bankrupt coal producer challenge the administration’s signature environmental law.

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