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Kiszla vs. Wolfe: Who will be the Broncos’ starting quarterback in the season-opener vs. Carolina?

We like our quarterbacks larger than life in Broncos Country. John Elway will forever be legendary around here. Peyton Manning re-wrote the record book in orange ink.

Kiszla vs. Wolfe: How would you spend Von Miller’s $23 million signing bonus?

The megadeal the Broncos cut Friday for Von Miller? That’s some serious cash. Forget the total package. The $23 million signing bonus alone is staggering.

Kiszla vs. Dempsey: Who is Nuggets starter at shooting guard?

Will the Denver Nuggets starting shooting guard be the incumbent Gary Harris or newly-drafted Jamal Murray?

Kiszla vs. Renck: Do you take seriously Von Miller’s threat to sit out the 2016 season?

How did Von MIller and John Elway get here? One minute they were exchanging bro hugs like besties at the Super Bowl and the next minute Miller is cropping Elway out of a photo from the White House and declaring on social media there’s “No Chance” he will play this season under the franchise tag.

Kiszla vs. Renck: Have the Denver Broncos lost that championship feeling?

Have the Broncos lost that championship feeling? With Aqib Talib’s recent off-field issues and Von Miller’s contract stalemate, columnists Mark Kiszla and Troy E. Renck wonder if the Broncos are courting trouble.

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