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Stalking, Scientology and sex: Gawker’s biggest moments

Founded in 2003 as a gossipy blog about Manhattan’s media elite, Gawker pioneered the irreverent, snarky tone that has become ubiquitous online. From revealing Tom Cruise’s Scientology recruitment video to publishing the Hulk Hogan sex tape that ultimately lead to the site’s demise , Gawker posts sought to be an antidote to celebrity puff pieces. dies next week, killed by an unhappy subject, the brash New York website that broke new ground with its gossipy, no-holds-barred coverage of media, culture and politics, is shutting down after 14 years, brought low by an unhappy, but deep-pocketed, subject.

Gawker files for bankruptcy, will be put up for auction

Gawker Media filed for bankruptcy Friday and the company will be put up for auction after a judge ruled that a $140 million jury judgment against it in a costly legal battle with former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan would stand.

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